Regular Managed Account Details
Join our FREE Affiliate Program and get paid for referrals.  You also receive commissions from referrals made by others in your network. This is an awesome way to make thousands of dollars monthly.
Residual weekly -profit-sharing.
Get paid for as long as we trade for your referral.
Nothing to buy.
Nothing to invest.
Ability to keep track of your referrals.
Track your earnings.
View Commissions Paid or Pending.
View Your Sub-Affiliates.
Multi Level Payouts
1% to 2.50% Weekly Profit-Sharing From Sub-Affiliate Referrals.

Sub-Affiliates do not have to open a trading account or invest any money, they just refer clients that open an account and you get paid.
We are professional interbank currency traders with more than 15 years of trading experience.

Investors must setup their own trading accounts, we do not accept clients funds directly for trading. Clients will only give us access to their trading accounts. Clients are responsible for wire transfer of profits weekly. We target 25% per week in trading profits. We receive 50% of the profits weekly.

Download the Managed Account Agreement to get started today.

You can complete the agreement online, sign it electronically, save and email to:
25% Weekly Profit Target
100% Gross Profit Target.
Compounding Account.
ZERO Profit-Sharing Until 100% Profit Target Reached.
50% Monthly profit-sharing to IMMLLC traders.
$500,000 Account Minimum.
1% Annual Management Fee.
100% High Water Mark Account Details
25% Weekly Gross Profit Target.
100% Monthly Profit Target.
No Compounding, clients must withdraw profits weekly.
50% Weekly profit-sharing to IMMLLC traders.
CIS Package Not Required. The brokerage firm that you choose will do their own due diligence.
Trading accounts can't be setup in the U.S. you must setup an account at any broker dealer outside of the USA.
Level 2
Level 3
Level 3
Level 2
Level 2
Level 3
Affiliate Program Information

10% Profit-Sharing Weekly
IMMLLC is a group of international business consultants and money managers. Let our group of professional traders trade your Forex account and profit from fluctuations in international currencies & metals. 

We are not a brokerage firm, and we do not receive nor do we accept clients' funds for trading. All clients must setup their own Forex trading accounts at a brokerage of their choice.
For non-U.S. residents only.
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It's easier to predict reversal time than price levels.
We improved our Reversal Time Pattern System. Version October 2015
Try our High Water Mark Managed Account. We don't get paid until after we double your money.
Use our Managed Assets Program to make money with your Underutilized Assets
Real Estate, Gold Mines, Gem Stones, Art Work, Etc.
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